Our Beautiful Daughter

Ashley Louise Campbell

In Life she had a huge heart, so huge she cried when Lassie was hurt on T.V.

Her heart was so strong, that in the end, it was the only organ that kept going on its own. In her last few minutes of life, both her parents held her tiny left hand. Her mother’s other hand rested gently on her daughter’s forehead, while her father’s hand rested overtop her heart, as it slowly stopped beating.

The Intensive Care Unit at Vancouver General Hospital is at the end of a very long, very straight hallway. . .

After a number of short twists and turns from the cafeteria, you will be at the beginning of the hallway. Each time we started down the corridor I felt like we were in a corny movie where they focus on the end, and then zoom in to try and make you dizzy. Our bodies didn’t handle the hallway all that well and we visited the bathroom, frequently, to rid our stomachs of it’s contents. We knew our first born baby, Ashley, our love and life, was at at the end of that hallway. She was hooked to every machine conceivable and fighting her last battle. For four surreal, and hellish days, we walked the hallway together. We held hands, with our heads hung low, and did our best to face the horrors our daughter was experiencing.

News and Updates

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