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Jessie's Poem for Ash

                   Sweetest Sister

A sister is someone who leads you,
makes you laugh when you are in trouble,
Makes you feel cool and awesome
even after you fail your test.

A sister is someone who fights with you,
one who stands with you,
in all your ups and downs,
and makes you remember who you are.

Reminding you of all your past
With no hesitation she scolds you a lot.
One who will do your home work
and even sometimes make
you do her home work.
She is the only one, who makes you cry,
when she is sad.
A sister is someone who is always there for you,
through all the laughter and all tears.
A sister is someone with whom
you can share all your secrets and laughs.
Someone who will lend you
all her prized stuff!
A sister is real.
She will never pretend.
A sister is someone like you,
whom I treasure close to my heart!




(Ashley's favourite colour was green so Jessie wanted the Poem in green)

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell