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From Lauri Sproul

We have Angel gifts of pennies

We have Angel gifts of pennies
We have Flowers in all sizes shapes and colors
We have Sunny days and thank You for those
We have Rainy days and think of You on those
We have Full blown Storms and know that they’re Yours
We have a Place that we visit and remember
We have Your website and pictures aplenty
We light candles in churches and windows
We send You balloons in all kinds of colors
We find Your spirit in dance or in hair spray
We laugh at the things that You would find funny
We talk about Your smile, Your quirks and Your unique style
We cry on the twenty-fifth, On Sundays and in June and November
We wonder what You’d be doing now..
We’re lucky to have been part of Your short and beautiful life
We have hope that one day we’ll see you again
We feel that you watch over us in your own special way
We wish so hard that you had never left us
We Miss you, We Love You, We Remember You Today and Always.


Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell