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A Story from Dionne


I didn’t know Ashley all that well; we weren’t the best of friends, but it doesn’t matter because we were a part of a family. We were in the Hairdressing course at Malaspina together; we sat beside each other for the first semester. Every time I think of her I smile. I remember meeting her on the first day, she was so sweet and sincere, and that is what I’ll always remember about her. She was honest and upfront about everything. I remember our fieldtrip to Vancouver . We spent our free time shopping, and this creepy guy came up to Ashley, Mariah, and Me asking us for money. He freaked us out so much; we clung on to each other and walked as fast as we could to get away from him. Ashley taught me a valuable lesson that day: when buying sandals or high-heels, always get one size smaller than you normally wear. A few days ago our class did our exams, and I caught myself sitting in my seat thinking that Ashley would never write this exam, and that she should be here. I realized that there are all these little things in life that she will miss out on, all because of one choice. Today, as I write this I am getting ready for the graduation ceremony for our hairdressing class. Even though Ashley won’t be there physically, she is graduating with us; she will be there in that chair, there will be a certificate for her. She would have been a great hairdresser, the world never would have seen her coming. She will never be forgotten, she touched the lives of all she met, I know my life is changed because of her, and I will never forget her. Years from now I’ll  hear her laugh and know that she’s in peace and watching over us, waiting for us to join her when our time comes.  We all love you Ashley.    

–Dionne Schulz   

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell