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A Story from Asia


Ashley and I met in grade 8. We grew pretty close but unfortunately, near the end of grade 11, we grew apart. I remember how shocked I was when you said I looked pretty at prom. You looked so beautiful. After graduation, I would occationally go through her till at Save-On Foods where she was working and over time, we started talking more; possibly leading to a rekindled friendship? Anyways, my favourite memory is my 16th birthday party. Ashley, Melanie and I were really close, best friends even. For my 16th birthday party we (Ashley, Melanie, my friend Remylee and I) went horseback riding and then to play a few games of pool. While horseback riding, we were all excited about making the horses run while we were on the trails. The owner told us the if we were to make the horses run, we weren't to scream because it would scare the horses. As soon as we started running, Remylee screamed and the lady said we weren't allowed to run anymore! It made us so angry! Haha. We all got over it and had a good time anyways. Afterwards we all headed over the the pool hall. It was so much fun; posing against the tables like we were modelling for a pool calender, joking around about being so hungry that we would eat the cue ball (" WHERE'S THE BALL!" ""I Dunno" (mumbled with a fat cheek and nervously looking around the room). Later the night we all headed back to my house where my dad treated us to a pile of McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries. After stuffing our faces we all headed downstairs to watch movies and have a slumber party. We had a blast! This is one of my most favorite memories of being with Ashley. I was actually just looking at the pictures from the birthday party and that made me want to write about it. Memories last forever and we all need to keep them close to our hearts; never forget. I'll miss you Ashley, a lot. Keep and eye on us, from where you are now. And whenever the sun comes out, we'll know you smiling down, and dancing on the clouds. 

~ Asia Cormier   

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell