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A Story from Julia


Ashley, we've had so many memories together it's unbelieveable.  We probably knew each other before kindergarden.  Remember when you lived on Dawkins Lane and I would ride my little pink bike to your house and we'd play with Madeline and her bratty brothers.  We had that game where we'd swing on your swing set and kick the ball as far as we could and it would always go into Jordon's yard.  I slept over soo many times. We always ate waffles with peanut butter and syrup in the mornings.  Best invention ever.  And we'd always watch Art Attack so early in the morning!  Every single morning.  You loved that show.  You always made me the geekiest little presents ever.  I loved them.  We'd play barbies and beanie babies all the time. I remember the bunkbeds you and Jessie had.  I remember everything in that house so perfectly. You made fun of me so bad that time I slept over and you had to go sleep in the living room cuz I was snoring. You always had to make it clear that you couldn't sleep even when you shut the door!  And we were scared to death of your dad's sailboat in the living room!  I can't remember what it was that scared us, but we hated it.  I think it had moved in the middle of the night or something.  You, me and Jessie would spend all of the next day playing diddy kong racing!! Man was that the best game ever.  I was so determined to beat you. You were just too pro for me. I could always beat Jessie though hehe I remember we'd play dress up with your mom's clothes and stuff our little training bras hahah As embarassing as it was.  But thats okay we were young.  All those pictures of us dancing to the Spice Girls at my birthday party. That was so much fun.  Then you moved to your house on Holland with the red door. I remember your sleepover downstairs after watching The Ring, and you had that round mirror on the wall that looked exactly like the one in the movie!  We'd usually sleep in your room upstairs though. We were up all night all the time.  And it was always so damn hott in your room.  I remember telling you about my first boyfriend one night. We always told each other everything.  Up late laying in bed talking about everything.  You had all your jewelry boxes and little ornaments. And you always made little bracelets for me!  I loved dance with you in grade 11 and 12. I know you were annoyed with the way I danced but I didn't mind because you made me a better dancer.  Dance was my favorite class. We always had fun!! You were by far the best dancer.  It was always you, me, Alyx and Kyla together.  Making fun of people in class was the funniest. How horrible those moves were!  But no matter what kind of dance we had to do you always made it look good.  Belly dancing, tap dancing, line dancing, jazz, you name it. You had your own style and you were the jack of all trades. I absolutely loved practicing our dances after school.  That one time we knew he had to get it done but we couldn't help but fool around.  Making toolshed noises and humping midgets we had the weirdest sence of humour and we would laugh our asses off even if it didn't make sence. We'd usually laugh even harder if it didn't.  We were always partners in class and swing dance with you was so fun! We had that down perfectly.  I'm soo glad I worked with you at slaveon foods because it meant we still got to see each other every day after we graduated. Even though we didn't hang out anymore we were still best friends. We still acted silly and immature when we were together.  You knew my deepest darkest secrets no one else knew, and I knew yours.  You called me Julie-hoe every single time you saw me. You'd always ask me "So when can I do your hair?  How do you want me to cut it? What color do you want it? We should do this that and so on"  Always so excited when you got to do my hair. I'm glad I got to be your inspiration to get into hairdressing.  You're the only person I've let cut my hair.  You were always so happy whenever I saw you.  You had that little laugh that you knew I loved and I swear you did it just to make me laugh.  I wish I could have been there for you when you needed it the most.  You were the truest friend I've ever had and I'm so grateful to have been best friends our whole life.  I know you're happy where you are now, and I can't wait to meet again.  Every cloud has its silver lining, and now they're yours for an eternity to dance on. 

To Live In The Hearts Of Others Is Not To Die

I miss you more and more each day
Forever your Julie-hoe    



Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell