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A Story from Uncle Leo and Family


A Happy Memory

This page is supposed to emulate happy memories.  How does one define a
lifetime (as short as it was) of happy memories?
The many miles apart brought us together by videos, phone calls or
letters, allowing us to watch a beautiful person grow up.  The special
moments when we were blessed with her presence or that of my brother’s
family were cherished times.
Everything we remember about Ashley is a special memory.  We think about
her daily and on her birthday, her spirit is very much alive in us. 
There are no negative thoughts, only warm reflections of who she was and
how much she meant to us.
Happy moments…her birth, her birthdays, her life …her family.
Always remembered, always loved.

Uncle Leo, Aunt Ruth, Cousins Adam and Caley 



Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell