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A Story From Dad


I was working night shift as a Mountie and came home for dinner.  I tried to go home on my breaks so I could spend a little time with my family.  My wife met me at the door and Ashley was standing next to her.  Ashley was maybe three at the time and Tammie told me she had something to tell me.  Ashley looked up at her Mom with a worried look and then to me she said, "I should not have written my name on my blue car."  I was puzzled and told her after thinking for a moment, that it was probably not a big deal, and not to worry.  It didn't matter that she had written her name on a toy car - I thought.  But she insisted, "No, Mom told me that I should not have written my name on my blue car!"  This time, I explored with her a little bit.  "Ashley, maybe you should show Dad your blue car."  She took me by the hand and led me outdoors to MY blue car and showed me her name scratched through the paint, written in large letters along one side and likely written with a stone.  Tammie and I thought it was kinda funny and told her not to worry as it could be fixed.  One I.C.B.C. claim and a $100 bucks later, MY blue car was as good as new!  
I love you Ashley and miss you desperately!
xox  Dad     


Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell