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A Story from Mom


I'm not quite sure how to start.  It's been three months.  I have visited Ash's website, read the poems, looked at the pictures and enjoyed the memories.  I'm happy I did.  Everyone has mentioned Ashley's laugh.  I hear it.  It's that little giggle of hers; a sound you cannot forget.
I'm trying to think of a memory of so many that would be more special than the other.  All I can think of is her 18 years I had with her.
Ash was such a wonderful baby.  I remember a sailboat trip when she was 1 1/2.  It was so rough that day.  I sat on the deck of the boat and Ash fell asleep in my arms while everyone else got sick over the side of the boat.
She never complained about being sick until she would have a fever of 102.
I remember when we went to pick out her prom dress.  Everything she tried on looked so beautiful.  In the end it was between the red or pink dress.  Ash was so beautiful.  She went for the pink.
To see the joy on her face was a wonderful moment; never to forget.
I wish I could be there to help pick out her wedding dress, but that will never happen.
I am sad and a piece of my heart is gone.
I do read your memories and they help me to see how Ash has touched you in her special way.  Thank you.  I will always love you Ash.  
  xoxo Mom         



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