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A Story from Brandon


Ashley Louise Campbell.  A name that  will reign in our minds and in our hearts not for years or months to come, but forever.  Ashley was more than just a great person, she was a great friend.  Although we had differences at certain points of our lives, I know that Ashley lived her life the way she wanted to and people adored her for it.  She blessed us with her charming smile, witty personality, and her ability to dance.  It was through these attributes that Ashley brought out the better person in the rest of us. I remember when Ashley and I used to talk on the phone for hours about nothing... sometimes there was nothing to talk about, we were just happy to be talking to each other.  We used to go swimming, and I even came over once to give her a Christmas present.  After that things changed a little, but we still knew each other... it was just in a different way.  Ashley Campbell will be Greatly Missed, but unbelievably remembered.
                          To my friend with love...                       

 Brandon C 

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell