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A Story from Ashley D





My name is Ashley Dennys.  I moved to Nanaimo BC in grade 5.  Ashley must have been in grade 7 or 8 but anyway I moved right next door to her and I am best friends with her sister Jessie Campbell.  Since Jessie and I were so close I was always over there or she was at my house so I got to see a lot of Ashley.  She was always smiling around the house or walking in on Jessie and myself playing a silly game and would just stare and laugh at us.  I remember walking home with her through Westwood a few times or getting rides home with Ashley, her boyfriend and Jessie.  After she got older I remember her getting a job with Avon so once in a while she’d be stopping by delivering my mom’s make up and getting the money!  I was always happy to know someone who was older and know that I had someone I could talk to.  Ashley was a very intelligent beautiful girl and always smiling!


I miss you so much Ashley and I think about you everyday.  I will always remember the moments I had with you.  You are in my heart always and I love you!


Love Always

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell