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Another Story from Ally


Despite living across the country from each other, and seeing her maybe once every four years.. Ashley and I soon became almost best friends immediately after seeing her come off the escalators in the airport her most recent trip. Don't get me wrong, I remember Ash's first trip, we were arguing over who got to sleep in the same bed as my older sister Celine when she came down (I think she was about 6 and I would have been 3 or 4). But the second time I saw her, we clicked instantly. She was such a bright and cheerful person, and I remember her spending hours on the phone trying to teach me how to make those string bracelets that she always had on. Well, when she finally got me to make one that wasn't falling apart at the ends, I swore to her that I'd never ever forget how. When Ashley became ill, I made a bracelet, and I hadn't taken it off since. But the other night, I had a dream about her (Ash and I had decided that next year, I'd go down, and we'd go see the mountains together, and so on) that we were on our way to the mountain that over looked Japan, I think it was, and Ash had seen the bracelet I was wearing, and laughed, and said "I can't believe you still wear that thing, you don't have to anymore Ally, I'm alright now". Then I woke up, and realized that my bracelet, that I hadn't taken off since Ashley had passed almost eight months ago, had broken off in my sleep. To me, that meant that Ashley was really in my dreams, and telling me she's okay. I miss you ash-a-mo-lie. You made that summer just a little brighter. I love you, and will see you in my dreams again.
Love always, Al-a-ma-son. 


Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell