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A Story from Andrew


The best memory I ever have of Ash was how we came to be boyfriend and girlfriend, It was totally out of the blue, we would talk at school and then over Xmas break we decided to hangout. So I drove to Ash's house and had made an Xmas card for her, when i gave it to her so immediatley hugged me. Then we went inside " you have to meet my dad" ash said to me, by now i was even more nervous. So I went and met Chuck for the first time whom became one of my favorite people in the world, I admire Chuck and the way he lives his life. So after the meeting Ash and I went to watch a movie in the rec room and we just talked all night. then Ash says " you smell good" and leans in to smell my shirt and then kisses me on the cheek, that very moment changed my life forever, I miss you soo much ash and will continue to do so until we meet again, I still love you very much.
Love Andrew 
Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell