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A Story from Allisa


Ashley, our angel... We were all very close in our hairdressing class, we were family.  I sat beside ashley for the first semester and she was amazing she always knew how to put a smile on your face.  My favorite memory of ashley is.. She just had the biggest heart in the world you could walk through those doors looking like you slept in a ditch the night before and didnt do your makeup and hadn't done your hair yet and no matter what she would tell you that you looked amazing and that she loved your hair or loved the way you did your makeup she was so full of energy and compliments and love it somtimes made you wonder how one person could be so.. incredible.  She lit up our day and made a diffrence in all of our lives.  The diffrence with ashley though is that when she told you you looked beautiful you knew that she meant it and it was so full hearted and she never expected anything in return she just loved making you smile.  Ashley i miss you so much i think about you every day and cant belive your not here, you will always be in my heart and will Never be forgotten thank you for everything you have done for me love from a friend that will always hold you close in my heart..
 - Allisa Wright 


Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell