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A Story from Cousin Celine


 A couple years back, Ash had come to Nova Scotia for a visit. I am a little embarrassed to say that, during her visit with us, I was a typical teenager and spent too much of that time with my then boyfriend. Though I was wrong to do so, when we broke up, Ashley was the first person to make sure I was all right. It seemed as though she never had enough hugs for me. Though Ash and I had never really spent much time together, during her visit here, it was almost like we had found a bond and a trust in each other. One night, though everyone else thought we were sleeping, Ashley and I snuck down to my room and stayed awake until really early in the morning chatting, gossiping, and sharing secrets. I told her things that not even the closest friend I had knew about. We truly had a special friendship and I will always hold it dear in my heart. 

I love you lots Ash!

Xxxxoooo Cel 

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell