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A Story from Erin


hi my name is Erin i worked with Ashley at save on   this is my story
little ash... so hard to believe you are gone, i barley new you at all only through  our jobs at save on i remember when you started right after me i was 5 months pregnant you always wanted to touch my belly, you always said isn't that weird?? doesn't it feel weird?? i just laughed and said girl you had no idea and after Owen was born you use to get mad when i came in without the baby you were always so happy you hid your wounds so well i want you and your family to no even  though i barley new you i would have helped you, you were so loved there was a beautiful slide show at your celebration of life a picture of your mother pregnant in this silhouette of light  so excited of the life of her first baby girl it makes you wonder if god really has a plan with all the good you did here why take you away ... imp sure you are happy now.. because you deserve it .. i will never forget your smile or your bright eyes full of wonder ...you were loved girl i wish you new how much... and you still are everyday .. i hope your at peace ...

love Erin  

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell