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A Story from Julie


Dearest Ashley,
I remember the day I met you.. we started at save on around the same time.  I remember thinking to myself "what a spunky young girl!" You reminded me of myself when I was your age.  Unfortunatly i,m alot older now.."HAHAHA!"  We were the shortest people in the entire store...we both had a nack for getting the boys to help us ...didn't we! "LOL"   I think of how we both would come around the corner and would bump into
each other and we would laugh our heads off.... bumping into someone our own size was hilarious! And how we managed to do it so often, you think after while we would slow down and check...."LOL"  Although we didn't talk to much..I was always drawn to you..I can't stress enough of how much we were really alike...I began to see your despair..I knew I understood it.  For four days I layed awake at night..something was
pressing me to talk to you.  The day of the staff barbique we sat and talked...I felt a peace come over me when I told you my story and you said "finally someone who understands me" Because you helped me see I wasn't alone once again, i often need that reminder.  As we sat and cried,as no judgement lay upon us..there lie ahead of us a bond that no one else would share.. that moment was ours.  It was so powerfull
to me, i attended my A.A meeting that evening and shared the message of how helping others is the best way to help ourselves.  I beleive we did that together.  When you asked for my phone number I said you could call anytime... but you didn't.  But you did ask me if you could maybe come to a meeting with me.  I was delighted and so proud of you for even asking, that is a huge step.  I waited to see our schedules match up so we could go to the one at the church down the street, but they never matched in time.  Instead I went to the church down the street to celebrate your life.  Attending that church has never been the same for me, but i want you to know.. that on september/22/06 I will celebrate 10 years of sobriety and you
were and always will be a part of that.  Ashley, I know that was very difficult for you to go through and for your loved ones behind..but I want you to know i still understand.. You have touched my life in such a profound way...dance my friend..dance!!
Love "little julie" xoxo 

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell