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Tongue Stud Danger

I've always thought of piercing odd parts of the body as, well, "different.  I'm not sure if I agree with the practice, but that's me, and I tried to get over Ashley's various piercing(s).  During this tragedy, I became more forward in advising young people on tongue studs - read on and you'll see why. .


Don't do it!

Please, don't do it!

I had never really thought about the ramifications of a MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!!  What happens if you are unconscious and unable to speak for yourself?

In Ashley's case her failing liver caused her blood to become incapable of clotting.  That meant if she was cut, she would bleed.  The Doctors were worried that if a liver had become available they would not have been able to operate, due to the clotting issue.

How does that relate to a tongue stud?  Think of it - the distance from the top of the stud to the bottom is finite, and made to fit your tongue.  What happens if your tongue swells to 3 or 4 times its normal size?!

Ashley faced this horror when they needed to intabate her.  The Medical Professionals needed access to her airway, and that *&^% tongue stud was in the way.  Her jaw was clenched and drugs were needed to relax her.  A few people and mechanical devices were needed to remove the stud, without CUTTING her, so she wouldn't bleed.

The medical staff did not want us to see the difficult procedure and asked us to leave.  I can only imagine what they had to do to dig deeply into her tongue to remove the stud.  You think it looks good on you - think again!!!

Help me spread the word.  Help me help you.  Tell everyone you know about what you read here.

Search the web.  Read what they say about the affect it has on your teeth, if you don't believe me. . .

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell