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Memorial Tattoos

  Ashley Louise Campbell 

As 2006 Sep 01 the "official" memorial tattoo has been completed.

Damon Meuli, the artist who helped us design the tattoo has given us the sketch and it is shown above.  If you want to join us in remembering Ashley, download the drawing and visit your favorite tattoo artist!Damon has finished the artist's drawing and it is now framed and hanging in our home.

If you have had a tattoo of own your design, please email a photo to me, along with your name, how you knew Ashley, and tattoo location.  I will gladly upload the image to these pages, if you wish to share.


 The Story:  Mom came home from work and saw Ashley in this position while dressed up as Tinkerbell, for Halloween.  Damon who is from Auckland, New Zealand, worked hard to create this for us, in Ashley's image.  Mom wears it proudly on her right shoulder.

Dad's tattoo on his right shoulder in black and grey.  You will notice three rings on her left hand; Mom, Jess and Dad now wear the real ones in Ashley's memory and honor.

Jessie wanted a tattoo very similar to Mom and Dad's but more like Tinkerbell - Ashley's favorite pixie.  Jess wears it proudly on her right shoulder too!



 Here is Auntie Cindy's tattoo on her right shoulder:

Here is Cousin Celine's tattoo on her right lower leg:

Here is Cousin Allison's tattoo on her right lower leg:

 Here is friend Ashley W's tattoo on her right lower leg:



 We love you Ash and miss you desperately!  xox  Dad

Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell