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Celebration of Life

  Ashley Louise Campbell 

1987 November 7th ~  2006 June 25th

There were many at her service, but many more that wanted to be there.  I made this page for those people, and hopefully give them some sense of what it was like.  Although very difficult for my family, it was a wonderful service and tribute to our beautiful daughter, Ashley.


On July 02, 2006 at 2 p.m., Ashley's Celebration of Life Ceremony was held at Brechin United Church on Estevan Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Reverend John Van Omme was the Minister speaking.  He is such a happy and loving man, he was just the right person to help us with this part of our journey.

The Sanctuary held 350 people comfortably and by all accounts the place was full with standing room only.  We have heard that had it not been for the long weekend, there would have been many more!

I've designed this page for those of you, across Canada and around the world, who could not be there.  I've tried to give you some sense of what it was like to be there with us that day.  Closure is a difficult thing, and maybe in some small measure, this page will help.

These were Ashley's Memorial card and Ceremony itinerary, which was presented at the door:


(click on the images for a closer view)


During the Ceremony a close family friend, Jason Galloway, spoke on behalf of our family.  That day, I did not have the courage to speak for Ashley.  Jason did.  I am not afraid to speak publicly, but I knew when I looked into the crowd - at all your faces - I wouldn't be strong enough to keep it together.  Jason spoke for me - for us.  What he said is here if you would like to read it.

The ceremony ended after a short movie and some stories of Ashley's life.  Afterward Tammie, Jess and I left the building and stood to greet the attendees on the front step.  About half way through the receiving line I said to Tammie, "My knees are shaking, we don't have to stay if you want to go.  They will all understand.  Tammie said back immediately, "No, they need us!"

And so we stayed to the very end. . .



Here is the Movie that a good friend made for us to present to the people who had gathered.  He did an excellent job and we were honored to play it at Ashley's service. . .

 (This is a QuickTime movie, if it does not load you may need to install a QuickTime player.  Click here for the link.)

Ashley's Dad played the Irish Whistle and during his many practices, she mentioned "MacPherson's Lament," was her favorite.  Although this is not Dad playing, it was the tune that played as the ceremony ended and also the tune the Piper was playing outside the church, as everyone left.  If you wish to listen to this beautiful song, please click here to listen.

This is a view of the front entrance of the Church, looking toward Vancouver on the Mainland:

A interior view, just after entering the building foyer:

A view of the Altar that day.  Ashley's Mom had arranged her things:

Ashley's baby shoes and an imprint of her hand, she made at school, when she was 6:


  We love you Ash. . .  xox  Dad


Copyright (c)2014 Ashley Louise Campbell