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I learned to play this song for Ashley's 21st birthday.  I played on my old Yamaha that is now Jessie's.  You can start, stop or replay it on the icon below.

Jun 25, 2012  0727

Mom and I were out on the motorcycle yesterday and she admitted how anxious she feels in the weeks leading up to today.  I thought it was just me.  I think we cope by putting the last four days from 6 years ago at the back of our minds, but today it all comes crashing back.  I took the day off to spend it with Mom as I always will.  We will gather at your favourite spot in the park and send some messages on pink balloons around noon.  Watch for them hon. . .   xox  Dad


Nov 07, 2012  0710

Today would have been your 25th birthday - can you imagine!  I would love to have seen who you had become and what your life was like today.  Are you married?  Do you own a home somewhere nearby or have you moved somewhere far away?  Would we be grandparents by now?  Christmas, for the first time in a long time, will be spent without anyone in the house but us two.  Picking a tree at Gogo's will likely not happen and an artificial tree will be put up instead, maybe the one that Jessie likes to put up in the basement?!  Christmas is a time for family and will likeley be a little bleak, but we will make the best of it, I guess.  As always, Mom and I will spend the day together, have lunch and a little birthday cake for you.  I can remember you coming into the world like it was yesterday, and instantly falling in love with you. Happy Birthday Ashley! Love you and miss you dearly.  xox  Dad


Nov 07, 2012 1235

Happy birthday Ash! You'd be 25 today... Holy, how time is flying by. I can't believe we're already in our twenties. Seems like yesterday we were just little, messing around with way too much makeup and staying up way too late watching awful movies in my basement. As quick as time seems to pass, it also seems to crawl. There have been so many things happening that I wish I could pick up the phone and call you, or email you and tell you about; those days are the ones that drag. I miss you so much, it's crazy; but I love you even more. Keep shining sunshine, and happy 25th birthday.  I love you.   Xox Ally

Jun 25, 2013 0645

Morning Ash.  We always take today off work and go down to the park where you liked to go.  But tomorrow Mom is flying to Atlanta to be Auntie Delyce's Maid of Honour.  She is marrying Rick - Cool eh?!  So we will send you a message tonight instead.  Look for a bunch of bright pink baloons coming your way around 7 okay?  Love you always and miss you desperately.  Dad

Nov 07, 2013 1126

 Today would have been your 26th birthday and although there are not that many posts here, we think of you always.  I have been busy with an excellent reporter from Toronto who found your website and is doing a big story on the dangers of acetaminophen.  It should be out soon and maybe I can link it to your website.  Your story continues to help others and I know you would like that.  My guitar playing is improving still, and you would like that too.  Mom is great and enjoying her time from work.  Jessie lives in Saskatchewan now and is doing well in her new career.  You'd be very proud of her, as we are.  Your extended family is doing well, but some are struggling with health issues so send your love when you can.  Miss you and wish you were here.   xox Dad, Mom and Jess.

Dec 10, 2013 2251

  Hey Ash, Over the last few months there hae been qite a few young deaths in Nanaimo and whenever I hear of one I think of you and find myself looking through the beautiful website you dad made in your homour.  Hope all is well up there and we all miss you. Xoxo Love Asia

Dec 25, 2013 0831

Merry Christmas Ashley!  There are a couple gifts for you under the tree from Mom and Dad.  I know you will like them.  Love you and miss you always.  xox Dad

 June 25, 2014 1400

 We gathered at your spot at the park this year. There were the usual people, but this year Stephen, Mike and Rick showed.  I am sure by now you have seen the messages from Stephen to his wife and Mike to his sister.  Rick helped us with a prayer befroe we sent you your balloons.  This year the sky was sunny and clear so we were able to track them for a long time.  Ally and Caley sent you some from the East Coast at the same time as we did here on the West Coast.  Cool eh!?  Take care Ash.  We miss you desperately!  xox Mom, Dad and Jess

June 29, 2014 0710

You probably know that I have been trying to write a song for you.  Most of the material I wrote seemed so sad, so it never really got anywhere.  Mom and I went on another motorcycle adventure from here around the Grand Canyon and back.  While we were away I was thinking of you and it occured to me that it would be nice if you could see the things that we were.  Then I thought maybe you are with us and the idea for a song came to me.  The tune even came to me one day riding the Coast near Oregon.  Someday I will record it and share.  So here is what I wrote:

Ashley's Song

Past the blue Rocky Mountains of Vancouver strait.  On my motorbike rumbling hard south to the gate.  The Oregon Coastline swept far and away.  But Coos Bay was just 38.

Canyon coyotes are searching the hills.  The temperature rises then suddenly chills.  From a corner in Winslow, we ride west to the coast.  And a Roadrunner stands perfectly still.

And you can see, Honey, through both of our eyes.  Travellin the world as both of us tries.  To carry your picture, in a heartbreak tattoo.  And honour the memory of you.

Strawberry fields and soft scents of peaches.  Ocean waves thunderin and crashin on beaches.  Monterey, Morro Bay and Sausalito.  Then a butterfly tries hard to reach us.

Black Maui mynas awake us at dawn.  Hawaiian ukes play a sad island song.  I wish you were here to be with me now.  My heart says you'll never be gone.

And you can see, Honey, through both of our eyes.  Travellin the world as both of us tries.  To carry your picture, in a heartbreak tattoo.  And honour the memory of you.

And live, in a world without you.

xox Dad

June 23, 2015 1000

To Ashley, 

I lay here very early in the morning having just looked at my facebook because last night no sleep came. I have just read the entire journey of your hospital stay and then read everything else on the website that your Mum and Dad made for you.

I've not met you but know you live in a large part of their hearts and always will. I am in awe of how strong your heart was through the hospital days in Vancouver. I'm sure you knew your Mum and Dad were right by your side which gave you strength to fight for life. I'm also quite sure your Mum whispering that it was okay to let go also gave you the strength to let go of the pain and energy it must have taken to fight.

I have two girls as well, now age 24 and 22 and a son age 17 and I've told them how important it is to know about dosages of acetaminophen. Knowing your Mum and Dad and learning what happened to you has helped me to help my kids with this knowledge.

This Thursday, June 25th, 2015 I wish I could come to Nanaimo to stand by your parents in friendship and understanding of the love and celebration of your life but alas it is the same day as my son is graduating from high school so I must be with him. I know you understand. Next year, for sure, I'll be there to send you a pink balloon.

Love Terry Giblin
PS....I loved seeing your Tinkerbell halloween costume in the photos on the website! You are a gorgeous young woman! And I say "are" because I believe you are timeless now.

June 25, 2015 0714  

 Nine years today, Ash. Doesn't seem real. There isn't a single day that goes by that you're not crossing my mind in someway; especially lately. There's so so much happening! Celine just gave birth to her THIRD (can you believe it!?) baby, Avyn! Your parents are her god parents! They love her to bits. :)  Caley is getting married to her boyfriend, Evan next year! He's super sweet; they're really perfect for one another. :) And I'm getting married! Kyle and I have been together for almost two years and we will be getting married next year! Your dad will be playing me down the aisle on his guitar; I so wish you were here to stand with me on the alter as a bridesmaid.. But I know you'll be with us all on that day, like you are always. <3 I miss you so much; and I love you even more. Keep watching over us, and keep shining, sunshine. Xoxoxoxoxox Ally.

June 24, 2015 0830

9 years ago today at this time, your Mom put her head in her hands and began to cry.  She said that something terrible had just happened.  Somehow I knew she felt you leave the earth and go on to heaven.  I had a dream a few days later where you told me you were visiting places around the world and had been in Italy.  We miss you, as all of your family and friends do.  Love you sweetie!  Watch for your balloons.  xox Mom and Dad

June 20, 2016 0950

Morning Ash.  Lots has happened this last year.  Facebook has become more social, although my account was originally started to help spread the word about Acetaminophen.  Lots of new freinds over the years and lots more new people helping.  I am sure we are reaching lots with all their help.  We will be at Black Franks on Saturday and will send some love notes youor way.  Watch for the pink balloons at noon.  xox Mom and Dad

June 25, 2016  1032

Ashley;  It's so hard to believe it's been an entire ten years since you made your journey into heaven. So much has gone on its hard to keep track! Celine has three children, Myself, Jessie and Caley are all getting married within the next two years. Kyle and I have moved into our first apartment together, and we will be married in April of next year! I so wish you could be standing with me in my wedding party, but, I know you'll be there watching from above. But. With that being said, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you, think of you, talk to you. It's so hard to really grasp that it's been a full ten years.. Seems like just yesterday.

Please watch over us; we could all use a guardian angel. I love you and miss you more than I know how to put into words. Keep shining, sunshine. You are so loved.   Xoxoxoxoo   Allyson.

Aug 12, 2016 2036  (Note from Chuck - this next entry is not suttle, but if we can help, it needs saying. . .)

I didn't know that overdosing tylenol will give that much suffering to parents. i only knew if i get poisoned by tylenol i will writhe in stomach pain, jaundice, vomiting and die painfully...(about 3days later...)i was consideg suicide by tylenol OD.i know OD will be less painful than living.but if it will give suffering to parents, may be i should live...whatever, im sorry to know that your kid died from OD.  Andrew

Nov 01, 2016 1400

Happy 29th birthday sweetheart.  Mom and i just came from a wonderful lunch complete with birthday cake.  29 years ago I watched your Mom bring you into the world and after I made sure she and you were okay, I called my Mom.  I cried like a little boy because I had waited so long for you.  Lots of love, always. xox Dad

June 25, 2018 0728

Your friend Allisa is a paramedic now and she tells me that she is an advocate for us and helping to spread the word on the dangers of Acetaminophen when used improperly.  She also told me that she had planted a Fairy Tree in your honour, and it got me thinking.  After talking with Mom, we decided no more balloons because of the environmental issues.  We will still visit at Frank's statue, but after lunch we are going to look for a tree too.  Love you hon, and wish you were here. Xox Dad

June 25, 2018 0918

Where do I even begin?.. The last twelve years have gone by in the blurr. It feels like it was yesterday we were going to see Pirates of the Caribbean and eating gross fast food together before heading to Cape Breton for Corrinas wedding! That was one of the best summers of my life; having you here in Nova Scotia was truly an unforgettable time. 

Over the last twelve years we've had three babies born, three babies lost (who we know you're taking care of until we meet them and you in heaven) three marriages (including yours truly and your little sister! ). 
Today, Kyle and I won't be sending balloons up to heaven. Your parents said you would never ever want to cause harm to any creature, and we fully agree. Instead, today, Kyle and I will light our prayer candle, which were blessed by the priest at Nanny and Papa's church. 
There's so much more I want to tell you, but it can all be summed up by simply saying; I love you. I miss you. Keep shining, sunshine.  xoxo   Allyoop. 
June 11, 2019 0743
Morning Ash!  Although you are with us daily, itís been a while since I wrote a note here.  Lots has happened since last time.  Jessie, and her husband, own a house now.  Mom and I were just there to help with a few renos.  We have been busy with a few renos of our own.  Mom has a small art station in your room, so it doesnít feel to empty in there.  We traded in our old motorcycle for a new one.  We are looking forward to long cruises in the years ahead!  Your website needs updating.  Although itís seems like yesterday since you were here, 13 years is a long time for aged software.  Hopefully, Iíll get at that this fall.  I am travelling to Nova Scotia June 25th this year.  Forgive me, but I am going back to see Papa.  Heís hurting a lot after losing Nanny last October!  Hope you and Nanny can send him special warmth and care from up there.  I think he needs it!  Love you and miss you!  Xox Dad.

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