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Ashley's Guestbook

I learned to play this song for Ashley's 21st birthday. I played on my old Yamaha that is now Jessie's. You can start, stop or replay it on the icon below.

Jan 01, 2010 0001

I'll write you soon. . . xox Dad

Jan 24, 2010 2124

Hi Ash ~ I wish you could tell me what it's like up there. I wish I knew. I'm scared of losing Mark. Where will he be? Will I really see him again? Can you really see us, feel us? I have always believed that you are in a good place; but now with few days left for Mark, I am panicking and really need to know for sure. Come to me and put in my dreams the answers to my questions. Thank you. Love Lauri xoxo

Apri 04, 2010 0820

It's Jessie's 20th birthday today. Grandpa will be over for cake later. Wish you were here too. xox Dad

June 24, 2010 1922

It will be 4 years tomorrow that we held you as best we could, while you were passing to your next stage in life. I can still feel your heart beating beneath my hand and the utter helplessness I felt as I watched you go. I hope you are alright, where ever it is you are. We miss you desperately and love you eternally. xox Dad

June 25, 2010 1912

Hello love;
Where do I even start? So much has happened over the past year.. But I'm sure you've been watching, so I don't even need to update you. =] 2010 is going to involve another baby in the family! We're all very pumped and excited about that. Celine already has a gorgeous daughter, and is now going to have a gorgeous son. But anyways, I'm going to wrap this up.. It's been four years since you left us.. Four years too many. It feels like yesterday. We miss you, more and more every day. Keep watching over us, and keep shining, Sunshine. We love you. xoxox. Ally.

November 07, 2010 0817

Today you turn 23 and our plan as ususal is to spend the day together. Mom has cleaned up the area over the fireplace where your picture and some of your favourite things are. A friend of mine met his new baby girl the other day and he told me how excited he was. I told him how, when I first met you, it felt like a plucked big bass string vibrating over my heart. I wish you were here. There has been so much that has happened that we could have shared. We all miss you desperately. Love always Dad

November 21, 2010 0801

Hey Ash, It's been so long since I've seen you and I miss you a lot. I've been thinking about you a ton lately, I always do at this time of year. I am sorry that I didn't write to you on your birthday, I was recovering from a surgery that I had and couldn't sit for very long. I'm just about fully recovered now though.I hope that wherever you are you had a good birthday. I heard on the radio and the news all week that is was going to snow this weekend. On Friday night Aaron and I were at Wal-Mart and I told him that we had toget ice cream so that I can carry on our tradition just incase it did snow. When we got outside it was snowing. I miss you a ton Aero and wish that you were here. xoxo Kayla

December 25, 2010 2017

Merry Christmas Sweetheart. I got you a new Tinkerbell gift with her sitting on a diamond. Reminds me of you. We are okay, but wish you were here with us. Love always Dad

January 16, 2011 1602

Hi Ash; Just a little after new years now. . . And lots going on. Im almost done my program in school, and Ill be starting my nursing course in September, just like Jessie finished this year. Times going by so fast, I dont know where it goes, I swear. Im really writing you today, because youve been on my mind a whole lot for a few days now. There are so many things that I wish I could email you about, or text you about. . . I just miss you. I went through an old box of pictures, and found some of us. I guess I just wanted to say that I miss you, and I love you, tons. Keep shining, sunshine. xoxo Ally.

March 16, 2011 1534

Papa and I miss you so very much, It has been quite a while since I wrote on your Guestbook page, I did not know your new email, Uncle Leo was here for a few days and he gave me your new address. I am still seeing a psychologist, it help me so much, we talk about you, Your Mom and Dad and Jessie, also my life in general. I have missed you so very much over the years, I thank God for having you for a month before you went away for good. Love You Nanny xxxooo

June 25, 2011 1530

Ash, this year we met everyone near the statue because it was the weekend and there was lots going on. There were new people there to wish you the best and with the help of one, we all held hands and said a little prayer for you. You probably noticed there were more balloons that usual as people were sending them from all over Canada. There was even one from the United States. So many people love and miss you. 5 long years Ashley. I'd do anything to have you here with us. xox Dad

June 26, 2011 0230

I just wanted all of you to know that, I think of you Ashley so often, every time I see a tinker bell, every time I see a little boy and a little girl about 3-4 who are playing together & obviously best friends. I am always thrilled to see Jessie wave to me and smile, for I can see you in her. You were the family next door, I really hope when I get to heaven youll be my neighbour again Ashley. xo love Cheryl Terris
Jordon just came home from Calgary as he is getting married next weekend and we were laughing and remembering how much he loved you as a little boy. Just so you know you will be remembered that day with my favourite storyof Jordon kissin Ass summer of 1990.I will forever remember Nov 7th and June 25th. xo Cheryl

November 07, 2011 1100

Mom and I are here and thought about what best to say. We settled on "Happy Birthday Ashley!" You would have been 24 today. We miss you and love you always! xox Mom and Dad

December 25, 2011 0900

Merry Christmas Ashley. Jess was not home this year, so things were kinda strange around the house without you both. Zoe is visting from China, so she helped make things better. Love you and miss you sweetheart. xox Mom and Dad

December 25, 2020 1238

Not sure what happened to your other guestbook page Ash.  I'll have to investigate, but wanted you to hear the news from me.  Jess is gonna be a Mom!  You are gonna be an Auntie!  Mom and I are so very excited and cant wait to see the baby in July.  Wish you were here and Merry Christmas Ash!  Love and miss you.  xox Mom and Dad

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