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I learned to play this song for Ashley's 21st birthday. I played on my old Yamaha that is now Jessie's. You can start, stop or replay it on the icon below.

Jan 01, 2008 1213

Happy New Year Ash! xox Dad and Mom

Jan 01, 2008 1914

It's a New Year Ashley. We miss you so very much and you are always in our thoughts. Love Nanny xo

Jan 09, 2008 0108

I found the link to this website in a friend of Ashley's blog. I never knew here, or even the person whose blog I found the site in. But I read the story and all I can say is wow, you are so strong, I am so sorry for your loss. You sound like very loving parents, and the love I can see poured into what you have written and this website in general is extremely touching. Keep being strong and I hope your lives are blissful, with the loving memories of your Ashley forever in your minds. Annie

Feb 11, 2008 2037

I remember Ashley as a beautiful young girl with a glowing smile. I see nothing changed when she blossomed into a young lady. It is all too painful when such a vibrant & precious piece of life is so suddenly & needlessly taken. I find myself wiping away the tears of pain reading Ashley's story compelled to read on. God bless your Mom, Dad, and sister for I cannot imagine the suffering endured at this tremendous loss. The strength and conviction of your family to carry on with this tribute to you is a testament to their unending love for you, dear Ashley. As tragic as Ashley's story is, it is apparent that she touched the lives of so many people in a positive way. In all the sadness I find a smile on my face with the many beautiful pictures of Ashley & of her friend's stories, enforcing all the wonderful memories Ashley made possible by enriching their lives with her presence. We are all fortunate for Chuck, Tammi and Jessie's selfless gesture to share this most difficult story with is in the hopes of saving even just one family from similar circumstance. Having worked with Ashley's Dad, whom I hold in the highest regard, & knowing her Mom, I would expect nothing less. God bless you Ashley. JDR

Apr 04, 2008 0139

This is a wonderful site. I was only acquaintances with Ashley. but she seemed like a wonderful and happy person. She was a wonderful dancer, and that is how I met her. I was on the dance team, but she was on the other one. She went to the same competition as we did. She performed beautifully. When I heard she had passed it devastated me, even though I didn't really know her. It was just heartbreaking to know something so tragic could happen to someone at such an age and to such a nice girl. I am in Jessie's grade and I signed the petition but I never knew the full story until today, and it was very sad, I was crying. I have always loved Tinkerbell. I have many Tinkerbell things, but now Tinkerbell means more to me and I will now think of Ashley. By the great things I have read about Ashley, I know she was a wonderful person, and I know she is very loved and she will continue to live in everyone's memories. Sky

Apr 09, 2008 1321

Ashley, I need to ask you a favour. One of my friends was found this morning on a street near my house. He is suspected to have hypothermia, and passed away. You're an angel now and I need you to please, please, keep him warm, and take care of him. You have a big heart, and I know you'll do that for me. I love you. Keep shining sunshine. Ally

Apr 20, 2008 2044

Hi Ash. As I plucked away on the computer this afternoon, I glanced up to my right to see a picture of you and Melissa that I had taken when you went to Long Beach a few years ago. You both looked so happy sitting on those rocks, MJ all bundled up and you in a tank top! Your arm is around Mel's shoulder and you are both smiling your beautiful smiles. Those memories are so very precious to us. I want to thank you for being just a friend to Melissa for all of those years. She misses you like crazy, as we all do. We go on with our everyday lives but we never forget you and wonder how you are doing up there in Heaven. Thinking of you today and everyday. Chickadee xxxooo

May 06, 2008 1533

My Mom went to school with Ashley's Dad when they were about 13/ 14. She just informed me of Ashley's story, and my heart has just broke when I read it! My heart goes out to all of the family and I was so touched by it. I cannot imagine losing a child and I just wanted to say God bless you all and I'm sure she's always watching over you all. Kim Remus Eastman

May 19, 2008 1314

Hey Ash. I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking of you. Not a day goes by that I don't. I look at your picture that sits upon my computer, every day and wonder what your doing. I miss you!!! All my love, Jewels ox

Jun 05, 2008 1234

I can't believe it's been almost two years. Rest in peace gorgeous, you are missed and loved by so many people. xox Lauren

Jun 10, 2008 0018

Your presence is always here - a positive beautiful thin. Your strength is powerful and you passion pure. The world feels your absence and cries for it's loss. You move me and I miss you. Lauri

Jun 15, 2008 2024

It's days like today - Father's Day - hon, when I find it most difficult. I love you and I miss you. Always. xox Dad

Jun 20, 2008 1455

You were in my dream last night Ash. I miss you so much. I can't believe that is has been almost two years since you passed away. They hired a new girls at work, her name is Michelle and she knows your family. She was at the get together that you family had for you last summer. Whenever I work with her it reminds me of you. She said that she only met you a few times, but she still makes me think of you. It's hard to explain, but I know that you get it. I saw Jessie's Prom pictures, she looked amazing. She looks just like you, especially her amazing smile. I miss you Aero. xoxo Kit Kat

Jun 20, 2008 1504

I just sent Jessie a Tinkerbell on Facebook. I love that application. I was looking at all of them and then I found on of Tinkerbell in the clouds. That is definitely you and so I decided to send it to her. I hope that she likes it. Kayla

Jun 25, 2008 0432

Hey Ash, I miss you so!! As everyday you are on my mind, today is the hardest. I think of you every night before I sleep and you are in my thoughts when I wake up. I will never forget our talk outside that day. I'm still left with a feeling that something is left undone, but I pray for acceptance because I don't know what else to do. I miss you and will never forget how profoundly you have touched my life. My thoughts are also with your family. All of my love to you and your family! Julie McLellan

Jun 25, 2008 1326

Ashley, I can't believe that it has been two years since you passed away. I miss you a lot. I'm sorry that I'm not going to the waterfront with Mel and your family today. I know that you understand. I miss you and love you always. xoxo Kayla

Jun 25, 2008 1355

Thank you for the courage your family has shown in sharing your story, and sharing Ashley's life. Before visiting your webite I had no idea the seriousness of taking more that the recommended dose of Acetaminophen. Jamie Odgers

Jun 25, 2008 1430

We just wanted to let you know we think of you often Ashley and your family. Thank you all for having the strength and courage to share your story with everyone. Continue being that lovely "Angel." Heidi and Alex

Jun 25, 2008 2038

Ashley, we miss you so very much and think of you daily. Love Nanny and Papa

Jun 26, 2008 0132

I was sitting down in my living room, reading the paper when I saw the beautiful tribute to you in the paper. I noticed the dates and realized you were a baby taken too soon. I am so sorry for your loss, and as a parent cannot imagine your pain. This is a wonderful tribute you have done in your daughter's honour. Audrey

Jun 26, 2008 0135

Wow. What a tragic event but a strong family. I also watched my brother pass away in a hospital at age 21 (under different circumstances.) But I can truly feel for you all. I'm sending you lots of good thought. Ashley's Dad - you did a great job on the website. . .well done. Nicole Burak

Jun 26, 2008 0358

Two years too many. . . Asia Cormier

Jun 27, 2008 0032

I happened upon your website today after reading your daughter's memorial in the Nanaimo paper. What a sad way to have to design a web page, but that you so much for the information. Perhaps just one person who reads your story will be saved the pain you and your family had to endure. It is so very courageous of you. My heart truly goes out to you family, you truly lost an Angel. Donna

Jun 27, 2008 1410

Thank you for sharing Ashley's story. I'm so sorry for your loss. Everyday I wake up and pop 4 Tylenols, but not any more. I had no idea I was doing any damage. "They're just Tylenols." Thanks again, your story has probably saved me from serious liver damage. Connie

Sep 17, 2008 2056

I didn't know Ashley, but the tears are streaming down my face. I will hold my child in my arms, and say a little prayer for Ashley and the loving people she left behind. Anne-Marie Tallon

Sep 21, 2008 2025

Hey Chuck This is Rachael Jenner I went to school with Ashley at Mountain View and NDSS.. you can check out my page of face book.. I came to the dinner as well with the family. I would just like to say that you are doing an awesome job on the website and getting the word out.. anything I can do just let me know .. Ashley has the greatest family in the world, and will be looking down on all of us , making sure we are all okay. I miss her greatly, I have the newspaper articles places around my house in picture frames as well as many other photos from elementary and high school.. I look at them and they remind me of how beautiful she was, personality and all. You have a wonderful daughter, and she will be remembered always and forever thank you Rachael Jenner

Oct 08, 2008 1050

Hey Darlin, I wanted to post this on your dad's website, but can't get it to work. I just really wanted to tell you that Aaron and I got engaged. I wish you were here to be part of it hun. Miss you so much xoxo Kayla

Nov 03, 2008 2112

I've worked hard on this song -Tears in Heaven - Ash. It's probably the most difficult I've learned how to play, but I wanted a special birthday present for you. I miss you terribly sweetheart and wish you were here. Listen before I go to sleep at night, because I talk to you then. There is so much I want to say and share with you. You will be 21 in a few days. Love you always Dad

Nov 07, 2008 0730

Today is your 21st birthday. Dad, Jess and I have decided to celebrate your birthday. I can't see or touch you, but I can feel you, always in my heart. That will never change. Happy Birthday Ashley. Love Mom

Nov 07, 2008 1858

Hi Chuck, Tammy and Jessie: Just wanted you all to know that we remembered today was Ashley's bday. We don't ever forget her and she gets mentioned regularly every few days. Last week I was recruited to help out backstage for the Halloween production called "The Big Boo" at the Port Theatre. It was fun to be back-stage with all the young dancers. It brought back so many memories of Melissa and Ash at the dance studio,recitals, costumes etc. Time marches on, but some things just never change. Different girls all doing the same thing, just in a different year. I was sorry tosee on Ashley'swebsite that hackers and spammers have fun amok.I sure hope that you can fix it. Lots of people have written on it over the years. I believe that it means a lot to her friends to be able to communicate in that way. Take care, You are in our thoughts. Deb Keating aka Chickadee

Message from Melissa:

Tell them I think of them each and every day, they are always close to my heart. Love Mel

Nov 07, 2008 1945

Happy Birthday Ashley. We miss you so very much. Love Nanny and Papa

Nov 09, 2008 1833

Dearest Ashley~ I just listened to the beautiful song your dad learned to play. My, he did a wonderful job! I have tears streaming down my face; I can't imagine the courage it took to play that song. You never leave my mind; this is definitely the strangest experience I have ever had ........ you know why. Your family is so brave andthey have down a wonderful job keeping your memory alive. It's just so sad. Happy Birthday! She hears you at night, Chuck. Lauri Sproul

Nov 25, 2008 1211

I can't imagine the pain you and your family are suffering. I was sent your web page from a dear friend in Duncan, I am a Canuck living in Kansas, and I am forwarding it to everyone I know. I hope that this will encourage everyone who is not, to become a donor and for people to get smart about meds and piercings. If I can help you in any way, pls, feel free to contact me, I have not lost on of my precious children, and I thank God every day for that, but I have lost a precious friend, and can understand, and listen to you if you ever need it. Love and hugs Patti

Nov 30, 2008 1321

Well this is my first time on this website. It has been two years and I figure its time. Time really flies. I remember meeting the Campbells for the first time and Ashley was one years old. That's sometime ago, and yet it feels like yesterday. Ashley was fun to laugh with and talk hair talk we had that of course in common, since I started doing her hair at age two. Ashley I'm sure is putting her hair talents to good use. Rock on Ash. Love Glenda

Dec 12, 2008 2240

Hey Ash...First snow of the winter and I can't help but think of you all day. I had the traditional ice cream. My car got stuck at work though so I couldn't go to the JP. Aaron is working at Terminal Save-On now though so I got him to pick me up some ice cream. I figure that since I couldn't go to the JP that is the second best place to get them from. He brought home the western family caramel cones. I laughed because when we stopped at the JP I got drumsticks at least one year that I remember. Pretty much the same thing, just a different name really, it made me smile. I hope that you're family is doing well as they approach the holiday season. I miss you a ton and I love you Aero. xoxo Kayla

Dec 24, 2008 2135

Merry Christmas Ash. I love you and miss you terribly. Tomorrow won't be the same without you. xox Dad

Dec 26, 2008 2001

Nanny is a day late cause we had no power. I miss you more as the years go by , how I wish we could talk on the phone like we used to. Love you so very much. Nanny & Papa xxoo

Dec 29, 2008 2134

Merry Christmas, Ashley. I thought of you often throughout theChristmas season, believing that life is eternal and that you are everywhere. The boys came over for a Christmas celebration and withthem came my precious granddaughter, Matheson Jewel; Michael's little baby! Yes, he has a little 8 month old girl!! She is beautiful, muchlike her mother. She will be a star one day!! The new year will be here soon and along with it comes the experience and lessons from the year before, bringing only more lessons and more experience. One day I may be the wisest of all~ We miss you, Lauri xo

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